Learning complex tools effortlessly

Big projects or tools shouldn't intimidate you.

When confronted with an overwhelming level of complexity we tend to think we aren't smart enough to understand it, when in reality we are just viewing it at a level of detail that is too high.

There is no point in understanding details, when you don't understand or loose track of the big picture.

Seek to understand the big picture first, by asking questions like "what problem does this intent to solve?", "what is it's purpose?" and then taking the most direct way of implementation, only going into detail when necessary.

Thats the other thing about details, there are just so many of them, infinite amounts to get lost in. Its pointless trying to grasp them all, one should be only concerned with them if a problem arises.

This is also how the brain seems to work, you can't view the entire hierarchy, from small to big at the same time. The inherently limited capacity of our brains just doesn't allow it. However the brain has no problem handling multiple large concepts at the same time, just by summarizing them, by viewing them through a different lens.

This post was inspired by learning kubernetes on my own.

Tobias Hübner